The complete, customizable, and verifiable pole data collection solution

  • dramatically improve field and engineering productivity
  • reduce pole inspection and joint-use audit costs
  • streamline permit submissions and as-built processes

MapSight is a unique field-data collection solution that supports specific segments of the Electric Utility industry. However, it has also been successfully adopted by a number of industries including; Public Safety, Civil Engineering, Transportation, Federal/City Government, Defense, and Intelligence Agencies.


As Built

Make Ready

Inspection or Asset Management

Alternative Uses

Benefits of Using MapSight to
Manage Field-Data Collection



MapSight provides geo-tagged photo verification of all field work. Every measurement is embedded directly into the MapSight photograph. Providing time stamped visual evidence establishes location and proof of attachment status.



Our unique all-in-one device combines laser rangefinder, digital camera and compass, along with GPS and a mobile computer. You carry less equipment in the field.



The attachment heights are accurate to within ±1”. Additionally, from a safe location, your MapSight laser measures the GPS location of your poles to within ±3 feet.



Field data collection time is greatly improved using MapSight. Users are able to collect and process utility pole data and measurements faster than conventional methods.



The software is designed to easily create customized forms that ensure consistency in data collection.  The data can also be generated in a variety of industry standard formats, including Google Earth, which can then be imported into back-office software.

Safety and Access


Enables users to stand in a safe location to capture pole and overhead line measurements. MapSight also enables you to take measurements in hard to access areas. No more standing in the middle of a street or letting a fence block your access to the pole.

Introduction to GE MapSight

What Our Clients Tell Us

Since first using MapSight two years ago, the results have far exceeded Minnesota Power’s goals for safety and accuracy.

~ Minnesota Power
Investor Owned Utility
The real value of MapSight is the option of measuring mid-span clearance from a safe location without putting our field techs in the travel lanes of the highway.

~ Ray Pigott,
PE Engineering Manager
UC Synergetic
I keep a unit on my desk, and as I address everyday work issues, I continually recognize areas where MapSight can help me manage or solve a problem in a more effective manner.
~ Ed Kaminski, Sr.
Supervising Engineer
Atlantic City Electric

MapSight News & Events

GE MapSight™ Software Update

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Includes direct integration with SPIDA®Calc

MapSight Integration
with O-Calc Pro is Here!


Make sure to get the MapSight form that allows for direct integration

Linking the Power of Data

Missed our live webinar?  No worries….the recording is now available on our website.  It’s a great overview of MapSight’s integration capabilities with PLS-POLE

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