The complete, customizable, and verifiable pole data collection solution

  • dramatically improve field and engineering productivity
  • reduce pole inspection and joint-use audit costs
  • streamline permit submissions and as-built processes



MapSight Key Features

Easy-to-use and configure MapSight tools improve data collection accuracy and consistency.

Size Poles
Vegetation Assessment

MapSight Benefits

We understand the complexities of field data collection and remote asset management. MapSight simplify the lives of those collecting field data and those who need to analyze, report, and archive measurement data.


Using MapSight photos our customers are quickly collecting and processing utility pole data faster than conventional methods. Often times realizing their return on investment before the first project is completed.


Our unique all-in-one device combines laser rangefinder, digital camera and compass, along with GPS and a mobile computer. You carry less equipment in the field.


Stand in a safe location to capture pole data and other measurements.


The attachment heights are accurate to within ±1”. Additionally, from a safe location, your MapSight laser measures the GPS location of your poles to within ±3 feet.


Field data collection time is greatly improved using MapSight. Our customers are rapidly capturing pole photos and measurements down the line, in some case cases collecting over twice as many poles per day.

Unlimited Access

Obtaining data for “hard to access” areas is not a problem for MapSight. Our integrated laser rangefinder, GPS, and camera largely make this a thing of the past.


Since all your data is collected digitally using our easy-to-use customizable forms you can count on getting consistent results all of the time. All pole photos and attribute data are stored together in industry standard formats and are easily accessed by your back office team.

No more need to collate through photos and tabular data. All measurements are organized by location and easily displayed in PDF reports, your GIS, and even Google Earth.


MapSight provides geo-tagged photo verification of all field work. Every measurement is embedded directly into the MapSight photograph. Providing time stamped visual evidence establishes location and proof of attachment status.

Our Customers