The complete, customizable, and verifiable pole data collection solution

  • dramatically improve field and engineering productivity
  • reduce pole inspection and joint-use audit costs
  • streamline permit submissions and as-built processes



MapSight Key Features

Easy-to-use and configure MapSight tools improve data collection accuracy and consistency.

GPS Location
Position Attachments
Vegetation Assessment

MapSight Benefits

The MapSight solution includes a handheld device that encompasses a digital camera along with a laser rangefinder and sub-meter GPS. The device combined with our proprietary “tools” software enable MapSight to  capture  field data for utility poles and other vertical structures:


MapSight provides geo-tagged photo verification of all field work. Every measurement is embedded directly into the MapSight photograph. Providing time stamped visual evidence establishes location and proof of attachment status.


Our unique all-in-one device combines laser rangefinder, digital camera and compass, along with GPS and a mobile computer. You carry less equipment in the field.


Enables user to stand in a safe location to capture pole data and other measurements.


The attachment heights are accurate to within ±1”. Additionally, from a safe location, your MapSight laser measures the GPS location of your poles to within ±3 feet.


The software is designed to easily create customized forms that ensure consistency in data collection.  The data can also be generated in a variety of industry standard formats, including Google Earth, which can then be imported into back-office software.

Unlimited Access

Obtaining data for “hard to access” areas is not a problem for MapSight. Our integrated laser rangefinder, GPS, and camera largely make this a thing of the past.


Field data collection time is greatly improved using MapSight. Users are able to collect and process utility pole data and measurements faster than conventional methods.