MapSight tools allow you to program the device to capture specific data points you require.



Capture a calibrated (TrueSize) photo of a utility or telecommunications pole with one shot, then transfer to a PC application for measuring the heights of the pole and its attachments.


Target Position

The work horse of MapSight data capture. Point MapSight at a remote object such as a tree, pole or building and capture its GPS location using the on board GPS, laser range finder and compass. One shot and you’re on to the next object.


Three Shot Height

Directly measure the height of an object, such as a pole, from a remote position, even when the base of the object is obscured.


Missing Line

Calculate the horizontal distance between any two objects.


Span Height

Calculate the vertical height above ground of a point on a span, for example the mid-span height of a cable or wire.


Photo Only

Capture a high resolution photo of an object. Useful for documenting the conditions of located or measured objects, for identifying hazards for field crews and for including in assessments.